Are you hoping for a raise this year? You’re not alone. Many employers are boosting salaries in 2022, especially in response to post-pandemic career switching — and many employees are eager to use their extra income to cover the costs of inflation or save for long-term financial goals. However, notContinue Reading

What you need to know about who would receive your life insurance death benefit. by Louis Wilson September 22, 2022  |   Life Insurance Time for a little word play. What does beneficiary mean exactly? The word beneficiary has its roots in the Latin benefactum, meaning good deed. And that’s a goodContinue Reading

These days, people’s homes are filled with televisions, computers, mobile phones, gaming consoles and even appliances that all connect to the internet. While all of these internet-connected devices simplify our lives, they can also make it easier for unscrupulous people to access our homes. The result? Home network security needsContinue Reading

A day after Hurricane Ian hit Florida as a Category 4 storm Sept. 28, AM Best released its scheduled market segment report of the U.S. homeowners insurance market, calling it stable due to overall strong risk-adjusted capitalization, underwriting discipline, and technology use. The financial strength rating agency for the industryContinue Reading

The annual open enrollment period for marketplace coverage is right around the corner. There are many new policies impacting the marketplace in 2023, including an extension of enhanced financial assistance through the Inflation Reduction Act; a federal fix to the “family glitch” that will create more affordable coverage opportunities forContinue Reading